Grant and Mary Featherston:
The Partnership 1965-1970s


By Denise Whitehouse and Karen Fermo

Filmed in the Featherston house, Ivanhoe, Mary Featherston recounts the story of her partnership with Grant Featherston from their first meeting in the early 1960s at Aristoc Industries, to their marriage and their long design partnership including its significant projects. While offering insights into their shared ideals and passions, especially for human centred design and nature, Mary takes the viewer into the design thinking, research and development processes that underpinned the Featherstons technically and aesthetically innovative work, including the 67 Expo ‘Talking Chair’, the fit-out of the National Gallery of Victoria, the Robin Boyd Featherston house, and their 1970s venture into moulded plastic furniture-Stem, Duo, 73 Dining stacking chair, Obo and Numero.


Images from the Featherston archive are included throughout the video.

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